Shannon’s workshop on cultural sensitivity was a wonderful learning experience. I left the room with an understanding of the health disparities faced by this population, from both a medical and psychosocial perspective, and increased cultural competency in serving our LGBTQA patients. Shannon is an incredibly engaging presenter. She creates a very comfortable and fun learning environment, while presenting serious material in a very accessible way. Our nurses and social workers gave the workshop rave reviews and are asking for more training with Shannon. Most importantly, they were able to immediately apply what they learned to provide excellent, culturally sensitive care to our LGBTQA patients.


Social Work Manager, Clinical Operations Support
I had the pleasure of working with Shannon on the LGBTQ cultural sensitivity and gender affirmation training. Shannon demonstrated a passion and knowledge that was impactful and unforgettable to the workgroup. We all learned more than we ever thought was possible on the topics at hand. Shannon had a clear vision of what the training should contain and how it should be delivered. Shannon took the lead to deliver this training staff and demonstrated excitement and passion in the delivery of the training, she received post feedback on delivery, content and knowledge from the staff. The consensus was that Shannon did a fabulous job delivering a training that could be sensitive to some. She was sensitive to that possibility and made everyone feel comfortable and engaged. Two thumbs up to Shannon on a job well done.


Director of Education and Development Clinical Support Services
I was fortunate enough to attend Shannon’s educational workshop for cultural sensitivity. She is fully engaging and enhances the presentation with anecdotes, energy, and passion. She is alive during her presentation and it is informative! She is obviously well-prepared, rehearsed, poised, and confident. I was able to learn about culture and clinical practice and she kept me wanting to learn more.


Education Manager, Occupational Therapy Clinical Support Services
I was fortunate to partake in sensitivity training. The training was an educational experience that has enlightened my practice, and has made a positive impact on my nursing practice. As a CCM the training was essential on every level. It addressed the patient on every aspect of the continuum of care, from highly specialized nursing care to, to the cultural and social factors that greatly impact these patients, making the transition from hospital to home smooth. Because of the training, patients receive quality care by highly trained clinicians, which improve patients outcomes and overall well-being –mind, body and soul.


I attended Shannon Whittington’s cultural competency training in February and was blown away by how easy to understand she made it. What I thought was going to be difficult and uncomfortable training session, Shannon made relatable and provided video statements from individuals who were in varying stages of transition to help get the group to contemplate the struggles our patients will encounter. Shannon was open and honest and imparted the knowledge necessary for clinicians to understand in a delicate but direct way that dispelled confusion and provided detail. While it is an interesting yet delicate topic, Shannon allowed for the stereotypes to be put out there and discussed in a constructive way so that participants could experience how their patients will feel and what support they would require of us.


Vice President, Quality and Customer Experience
Shannon’s presentation on gender affirmation surgery and the LGBTQ population on the whole is inspiring. Shannon’s passion and commitment to this population is evident in all she does. In an ever changing nursing field where many have lost their passion Shannon has sparked my passion to be the best nurse I can be for all patients and populations. I feel so blessed to her as a leader in our industry for sensitivity and diversity training. We need more of Shannon’s energy and commitment in our nursing profession.


PHN Acute Care
Shannon Whittington is a skilled presenter and educator. To hear her speak is a gift, and all who have the experience will leave with a broader perspective and an open heart. Shannon presented Cultural Diversity and Competence to a group of leaders at our healthcare organization, and every single audience member was awed to humbled to learn about the work that Shannon and her team are doing in NYC for the hundreds of LGBT patients. Shannon has a gift for opening a dialogue around gender and sexuality in a nonthreatening way. My wish would be for every healthcare worker to hear her speak, so that we can all learn about the challenges and opportunities that exist for population.

AW, M.A.

Organizational Development Consultant
Talent Management and Organizational Development


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